March 2023 Classes

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AR-15 Maintenance and Cleaning March 2, 2023, at 5:00pm - 6:30pm $30.00

Understand how to safely break down an AR-15 for routine maintenance and cleaning.


We provide cleaning supplies

> You bring 1 unloaded rifle.




AR-15 Fundamental course (max 6 students per class) Sunday, March 18, 2023, $95.00 at 8:00am

This is a 4 Hr. course.


  • Receive a Proof of Training Certificate when you complete the course.
  • Receive a FREE AR-15 fundamentals book (value $35.00)

During this portion of the course, you’ll learn about basic AR-15 parts and functions, safety rules & procedures, loading & unloading, emergency reloads and accessorizing your rifle. This course is designed to teach you how to operate your AR-15 safely and properly, whether for recreation, hunting, sports, or personal defense.



Get hands-on experience when learning about safe and effective operation of your AR-15. During live-fire instruction, we'll verify your rifle zero, while engaging in practical drills to become a better protector for yourself & family and your home. 


What to Bring

> AR15 Rifle (In case or carrying bag) UNLOADED

> 200 rounds

> 3 magazines

> Red DOT/ Iron Sights (MUST BE ZEROED AT 50 YARDS)

> 2-point sling (a sling is required)

> ear & eye protection and a cap


Basic Gun Training for New Gun Owners / Beginners (Range instruction) Saturday, April 1, 2023, $70.00 at 9:00 am.


$70.00 per person
(Se habla Español)

What to expect:
Minimum of 2.5 hrs. at the range
This course is a 2-student max per class consisting of 1.5 hrs. instruction learning the safety of a pistol, usage, and the fundamentals of shooting. We will continue with 1 hr. of practicing what you learned during a live fire at the range. (100 rounds required for this course) Range fees and targets are included. Also receive a gun lock and a barrel flag FREE. Ear & eye protection are available upon request. Must be at least 21 years of age, anyone under 21 must have a parent present.

What to bring:
> A unloaded handgun (in a range bag or it's box)
> 100 rounds (no reloads)
> ear & eye protection and a cap
> the balance in cash

No registrations received the class will be canceled. 


    License to Carry Class (Class & Range) Sunday, April 2, 2023, $90.00 @8:00amĀ 

    Range fees and targets are included. Only 12 seats available.  

    Class and range will be done on the same day in Brownsville, TX.
    Full course is $90.00 per person. This course is required by the State of TX to apply for your License to Carry.
    A $25.00 pre-registration deposit is required, due to limited seats per class. After you register you will receive a receipt immediately after payment. I will then email you with information to get you prepared for class and the range. The balance is due before the class starts.
    Call me with any questions at 956-621-4056

    Class will be held in a classroom setting at
    1905 N. Illinois Ave
    Brownsville, TX 78521

    > You will receive a certificate when you meet all requirements. (Required to get your LTC)
    > Go overuse of force and deadly force.
    > Learn other options before using deadly force.
    > Active shooter
    > Situational awareness
    > Gun safety and storage.
    > What to do during and after an incident, if you're forced to defend yourself.
    > You will learn how to defend yourself in court.
    And much more.

    The objective of the course is to ensure that each student is fully aware of the law concerning carrying a handgun, the use of deadly force and its consequences, the proper and safe way to use, store, and fire a handgun. 

    Students will take a written multiple choice and True/False exam and must score 70% in order to pass the course. The shooting proficiency demonstration is a 50-round course of fire at a B27 target from a distance of 3, 7, and 15 yards. Students must score at least 175 of 250 points to pass the course.

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    What Should I Bring to Class?

    1.  Photo ID (Driver's License or ID Card)
    2.  Handgun & 50 Rounds of ammunition (FMJ). License to Carry class

              >>For Basic Gun Training you need 100 rounds of ammunition (FMJ)<<
    3.  Hearing protection (over the ear or ear plugs)
    5.  Eye protection (Safety, Sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses)
    6.  The fee balance in Cash or Credit Card for payment. There is a Credit Card service fee.  

    >> Handgun rentals includes ammunition.

    >> Eye and ear protection available upon request

    The LTC course assumes that the student is proficient with a handgun. A handgun proficiency training class is offered if additional training is needed before attempting the proficiency course of fire.  If you have no idea what you are doing with a handgun, have never fired one before, and/or are unfamiliar with your handgun - take a Basic Handgun Class first! Contact us to schedule a class before registering for the License to carry class. 

    If we don't have a class scheduled that you can attend. Call us to work out on a date that will.

    Basic Gun Training can be scheduled for Private classes

    Did you do your License to Carry course on line? We can do your Proficiency. Call us to set up a time and date