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Shooter Lube Gun cleaning Solvent and oil

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Cleaning Solvent: Odorless – No Water – Fully Evaporates – Leaves No Residue – No Hazardous Ingredients per EPA – High Flashpoint – Non-Corrosive – Does Not Freeze – Not Flammable

Lubrication: Biodegradable – Non-Flammable – Non-Toxic – 100% Synthetic – Low Odor – Non-Staining – Rust and Corrosion Protection – Reduces Wear and Friction

DryFireMag is a dry fire magazine that uses your own gun and installs in seconds. Insert the mag and practice anywhere. You don't need dummy rounds.

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eGift card can be used for any class Lone Star Pistol Training has to offer. Pick the occasion and amount you would like. It can be emailed to yourself or to the person you want to send the gift card to.